Wednesday, 7 December 2011


In my contemporary basketry practice I weave together multiple storylines. One of my narrative strands concerns the spiral plait.  I'm fascinated by the natural mathematics underlying and revealed by basketry techniques - especially the intricacies of interwoven geometric space.  I always felt that I was rubbish at maths at school but now find that my hands can grasp what my mind let slip.  Recent work was exhibited in an Art's Council of England (ACE) funded group show 'Portraits in the Making' at Pitzhanger Manor Gallery and House in Ealing, London.  Read more from the 17 makers who made up the first cohort of the Craft Council's Hothouse programme for emerging makers at
Photos by Ester Segarra.

This piece is 'Blue Jewel'.  The title was inspired by the 17th century mathematician Johannes Kepler's writings on geometry - pure poetry.  He writes of geometry having two great treasures - one he refers to as a precious jewel.  This and other pieces were displayed in a reproduction Georgian cabinet as a 'collection of curious mathematical gems' - my take on a Cabinet of Curiosities.
A similar piece, 'Dark Jewel' was bought in March 2011 for the Craft Council's Handling collection.

Dark Jewel 2010 - illustrated in the Plaiting Showcase in 'Practical Basketry Techniques' by Stella Harding and Shane Waltener published by A&C Black ,February 2012

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